September 22, 2017

Black Magic

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What is Black Magic (Kala Jadu)?

Black Magic is world’s oldest practice to change the destiny of human. People who do black magic are not Muslims. That’s because you have to do shirk before casting black Magic. magic caster seeks help from shaitan to cast  magic.

Why people Cast black Magic?

People are mostly jealous of you, they can’t see you happy. They deny the distribution of Allah. And cast  magic to bring worries in your life, there are many types and purposes of  magic, let us tell you some of these

Types of black magic People cast

  • Black Magic to stop Progress of your business (karobar ki Bandish)
  • Black Magic to stop your marriage (Shadi Ki Bandish)
  • Black Magic to keep you sick and Ill (Sehet ki bandish)
  • Black magic to stop pregnancy to carry miscarriages (aulad ki bandish)
  • Black Magic to increase Temper
  • Black Magic to control someone
  • Black magic to Kill your enemy

How to remove Black Magic?

There are many ways to remove black magic, sometimes by using herbs and Seeking Help from Allah. Best way to remove black magic (kala jadu ka tor) is from From Allah’s Help. There’s no one Bigger than Allah. And he is the healer of everything. There’s no power over Allah. There are manay wazifa and dua to remove effects of black magic. And sometimes Aamil perfom amal to remove black Magic (kala jadu ka tor)

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